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We believe working drivers need due process for earnings theft. Working drivers need a way for drivers to have a say before any For-Hire Vehicle company can take away your money. 

In the last works council meeting, Uber agreed to negotiate with us on creating an earnings theft appeals process. But so far, they’ve done nothing.

Please finish this next section to give us some examples of how earnings theft—Uber or other companies making unjustified fare adjustmentson a case-by-case basis—affects you.

Some examples of theft may be:

• The company takes your pay after you already completed a fare - blaming it on a passenger complaint;

• A driver is underpaid because the company’s app thinks you went from point A to point B as a crow flies;

• Company overcharges the Sales Tax, Black Car Fund, or their commission out of driver’s pay;

• Company doesn't pay for a trip without explanation;

• Use of fraudulent credit cards by customers and drivers are left unpaid;

• Any case-by-case event where a “customer service” company representative would unilaterally decide if the money a driver earned should be taken away.

Please let us know your experience. We will anonymously use these responses to pressure Uber to implement a process and/or with media.

How important do you think it is for drivers to have a say in whether or not Uber may take money away from a driver?

Can you describe an example of Uber or another company unfairly stealing your money?

Could you upload an example of those conversations?

Do you have another example?

Here is the appeals process that the Works Council representatives have discussed proposing to Uber management.

When a customer files a complaint that would take money away from a driver, or a driver files a complaint via a form hosted by the IDG, IDG will seek to contact (via email and phone call) the driver to get your side of the story.

IDG submits the driver's perception to the Company (Uber). The Company may either immediately fix the problem and support the driver, OR submit their opinion to a panel of drivers to make a decision on what to do.

That panel of drivers consists of five highly rated drivers that are chosen from a rotating pool of drivers. Those drivers are solely responsible to decide what to do about the payout.

How fair do you think our proposed appeals process is?

Do you have any suggestions or comments on the proposed process?

Any other comments? Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Thank you for your response. Please share this with your fellow drivers.
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